Town Contacts

Adam's County Directory

To get on the Town Board Meeting Agenda and Town Plan Commission Meeting Agendas, to rent the town hall for an event and other general questions:

Town Clerk:

Joni Gehrke
Phone: (608) 432-4375 Cell
Phone: (608) 678-7303 Home
Phone: (608) 254-2618 Town Hall
[email protected]

For questions regarding property tax payments, room taxes, municipal parking fees, and other general questions:

Town Treasurer:

Jerri Bass-Hansen
Phone: (608) 678-8917
[email protected]

To discuss Town business or policy, zoning changes, town roads, or other town services:

Town Chair:

Dan McFarlin
Phone: (608) 254-2804

Board Supervisor I:

Tim Hall
Phone: (608) 432-2207

Board Supervisor II:

Lance Stroede
Phone: (608) 432-1267

To inquire about property assessments:

Town Assessor:

WI Assessment Services, LLC
Claude Riglemon
Phone: (608) 378-3003

[email protected]