Town Board Meeting Agenda

The next meeting of the Dell Prairie Town Board will be Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. in the 
Town Hall. The agenda is as follows:
1. Call meeting to order and certify compliance with open meeting requirement
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approve the minutes from the previous Town Board Meeting
4. Treasurer’s Financial Report
5. Clerk’s Monthly Report
6. Approve payment of bills presented
7. County Supervisor Reports
Town Business – Discussion and possible action on the following:
A. Lovina Tisler, property owner of 1113 Gillette Drive, tax parcel number 008-00542-0000, 
requesting a rezone of .73 acres of the 3.77 acre parcel from R1(LL) to R1, to comply with 
Adams County Planning and Zoning Ordinances.
B. Jacob and Alicia Halvorson, property owners of 1135 County Road K, tax parcel number 008-
requesting a rezone of 5.05 acres from B1 to A3, to comply with Adams County Planning and 
Zoning Ordinances.
C. Megan Steckelberg, Director of the Adams County Chamber of Commerce introduction and 
presentation on the Adams County Chamber of Commerce.
D. Liquor License Renewal approvals: B&H Trout Fishing & Bait Shop, Fawn Creek Winery, Fur, Fin 
& Feather, Holiday Shores Campground & Resort, Pine Crest Golf & Archery, Stuff’s Restaurant, 
The Swan Barn Door, Tranquility Farms, and Wisconsin Dolls.
E. Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail Sales permit approval for B&H Trout Fishing & Bait 
Shop and Holiday Shores Campground & Resort.
F. Operator’s License approvals for the following applicants: Dan Hanson, Diana Hanson, Daniel 
Haberkorn, Sally Haberkorn, Kristin Eck, John Marx, Terra Jensen, Jill Schade, Michelle Wilhorn, 
Deborah Bartimore, Scott Thompson, Chad Barron, Jami Melby, Andrew Gilner, Adam Huff, 
Tricia VandenLangenberg, Eric Melter, David Davenport, Lucas Lindner, Fred Halbach, Taylor 
Ward, Stacy Garbacz, Ashlyn Swan, Michael Squier, Candace Drisco, Kathleen Wheeler, Amanda 
Beard, Camellia Popp, and Keith Thompson.
G. Discussion regarding the joint venture with the DNR and Kilbourne Fire Department program.
H. Parking lot upgrade discussion and review of bids received.
I. Road work update.
8. Adjournment
Joni Gehrke, Clerk