Town Board Meeting Agenda

Town of Dell Prairie
The next meeting of the Dell Prairie Town Board will be Tuesday, November 14th, 
2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. The agenda is as follows:
1. Call meeting to order and certify compliance with open meeting 
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approve the minutes from the previous Town Board Meeting
4. Treasurer’s Financial Report
5. Clerk’s Monthly Report
6. Approve payment of bills presented
7. County Supervisor Reports
8. ATV/UTV Report
Town Business – Discussion and possible action on the following:
A. Lorna McPhillips, property owner of tax parcel 008-10081-0020, 
requesting to rezone the entire 3.06 acre parcel from B1 to R1 to 
conform with the Adams County Planning and Zoning ordinance. 
B. Devon Daniel and Renee Wajnert, property owners of tax parcel 008-
00308-0010, located at 1000 Gem Court, requesting approval of a 
Conditional Use Permit to allow for a Dog Daycare Service to conform 
with the Adams County Planning and Zoning ordinance. 
C. Jeff and Julie Robenalt, property owners of 3755 Hwy 13, requesting a 
variance permit approval to allow for stairs and deck construction for 
back exit door that is within the set-back limits.
D. 2024 Budget discussion.
E. Plow truck discussion.
F. The Town Board will adjourn the board meeting and convene in 
Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Stats Section 19.85(1)(c) to 
discuss employee performance and wage scales, and review the 
Adams County WTA salary survey. 
G. The Town Board will reconvene in Open Session.
 9. Adjournment
Joni Gehrke, Cler